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Indonesia, 2018. Beautiful landscapes, rice fields, sun sets, exotic animals, beaches and the ocean attract more and more tourists. The increasing mass tourism and lacking education lead to the destruction of our own environment, threatening the wild diversity of nature.

„The war on plastic“ is a documentary about the plastic pollution of our oceans. Plastic waste and the fact that plastic takes a long time to disintegrate, are an extremely big problem and that is why a lot of people want to make a difference. Impressive underwater shots show a colorful underwater world full of life. Following shocking images of how plastic is endangering this unique fascination. It is taking over the oceans and 100 000 marine mammals, sea birds and fish die of plastic pieces wrapped around them or by eating them. It is a bitter fight against the consumption and pollution, for which we have alternatives and solutions. Education and a different kind of use of plastic play a primary role to save the underwater world, and our planet as a whole. 

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